​Meet Our Volunteers

We have a variety of volunteers coming from all walks of life, both young and old, who freely give up their time. We are truly thankful to them and their families. Without their valuable time we could not open on a Wednesday and Saturday morning.

Meet Priea - College Student

“I have been volunteering at the Soup kitchen since October 2014 and its been great. I get to meet people from different country’s and different walks of life. I really like volunteering because I like to help people and the community and with the Soup kitchen I get to do just that.”

These are Priea’s own words. She is a young lady with a big heart and boundless energy and enthusiasm. Her colleagues and clients are big fans!

Meet Darius Smith (Icolyn's Grandson) - College Student

Darius is the life and soul of the party and he certainly brings his talents to the Soup Kitchen. He is a cheerful chap who takes the time to get to know and interact with the clients who use the centre.It has been a big part of his life and has kept him focused and inspired through his teenage years.

He is a talented writer and has written a poem which we have used on the site, called ‘Poverty’.  Hit play below and listen to his poem!

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We are always looking for enthusiastic people from all walks of life to get involved and to help us serve our local community. Poverty can affect anyone

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By donating just £1 per week you can help keep The Oxford Community Soup Kitchen open for longer. At present we are open every Wednesday and Saturday

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